St. Vincent's Dining Room

St. Vincent's Dining Room Reno, NV

Dining Room Overview

The St. Vincent’s Dining Room is Reno’s oldest "soup kitchen" welcoming all who are hungry in our community. The dining room serves a free hot take-out style lunch to over 1,000 people a day, 7 days a week.

St. Vincent’s Dining Room
325 Valley Road
Reno, Nevada 89512

Free hot lunch
Daily, 11:30 a.m.

Open Labor Day Weekend, 2021


Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada’s St. Vincent’s Dining Room Program

Established in 1961, the St. Vincent’s Dining Room of Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada has grown from a "soup kitchen" to a full-scale program that provides a hot, take-out style meal to all who are hungry seven days a week (including holidays) in a clean and safe environment. Since our beginning, we have served more than 3 million free meals.  We welcome both individuals and families to join us for lunch.

Under the direction of our professionally trained Chef, Kim Vandenhazel, our hot, nutritious meals are prepared and served by our small staff and a large team of dedicated volunteers.

In 2020, we fed an average of 350 people per day, and served more than 130,000 meals. We see a fluctuation in attendance based on the time of the week and the time of the month. Early in the week, we experience far fewer people dining with us than we do later in the week. We also see this pattern on a monthly basis, as we feed many more people at the end of the month than we do earlier in the month. Based on our observations and discussions with the people who share a meal with us, we have found that about half of the people who regularly participate in our free meals have some rather minimal income. For example, many of these people get paid weekly, and when their money runs out (usually at the end of the week), they bring their families to the St. Vincent’s Dining Room rather than going hungry.

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