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Kids to Seniors Korner

Kids To Seniors Korner Program

Kids To Seniors Korner Program Overview

KSK does outreach in low-income neighborhoods, motels and housing complexes to provide wraparound support and immunizations to people in need.

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada's Kids to Seniors Korner Program
500 E. Fourth Street
Reno, NV 89512

Contact Us
(775) 432-9165

Kids To Seniors Korner Program

The Kids to Seniors Korner (KSK) program is a private and public collaborative which involves several local partners, including the Reno Police Department, the Washoe County Sheriff's Office, Health District, Social Services and Senior Services. The KSK mission is to provide a combination of services to at-risk populations, such as low-income children, families and seniors citizens.

KSK program social workers and outreach specialists conduct bi-weekly Knock 'n' Talks with local law enforcement officers and medical workers in order to target specific neighborhoods and help residents who may be in need of services. Our mobile clinic served 4,355 children, families and seniors in Washoe County in 2015, including providing 3,311 primary care referrals and 2,910 immunizations.

Services Include:

  • immunizations
  • health and social service assessments
  • education
  • resources/referrals to other helping agencies
  • ongoing case management
  • food, clothing, etc.

The Wandering Project
Kids to Seniors Korner is proud to be a community partner with the Washoe County Sheriff's Wandering Project program. The Wandering Prevention Program also provides a Care Trak bracelet, which is a proven tracking system that helps fulfill our primary goal of saving lives and preventing injury or health complications caused by wandering into dangerous places. You can get your FREE Wandering Prevention tote which includes a resource DVD, a door lock, screwdriver, door knob cover and more. We understand that caring for a person with Alzheimer’s/Dementia or a child with cognitive impairments can present unique challenges. We want to help you keep the person you care for safe and give you greater peace of mind. You can pick up your free tote at Crossroads located at 500 E. Fourth Street Reno, NV 89512. You can also call them at (775) 378-9754 or you can email Andrea Landis at alandis@ccsnn.org to arrange for delivery.

Upcoming KSK Outreach Schedules:

For more information about the Kids to Seniors Korner program, please call (775) 432-9165 today.

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