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It takes more than caring people to ease the pain of poverty.
It takes a team.

At Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, we know that our goal to help ease the pain of poverty among our neighbors is a major undertaking. We face this challenge one day at a time, one person at a time, and one family at a time. Our work is carried out through the efforts of our remarkable staff members, who are driven towards accomplishing our vision each and every day. Offering encouragement and guidance to our clients, the programs we offer at Catholic Charities have a high impact for people in need of our services. Our staff help people who cross our paths move forward with hope, dignity and a plan for a better future.


Peter Vogel

Contact Peter: pvogel@ccsnn.org

(775)322-7073 ext. 299

Chief Clinical Officer:
Anne Schiller

Contact Anne: aschiller@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 224

Food Services Division Director:
Scott Cooksley

Contact Scott: scooksley@ccsnn.org

(775)322-7073 ext. 290

HR Manager/ Volunteer Coordinator:
Jim Williams

Contact Jim: jwilliams@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 222

Chief Financial Officer

Carri Ouellette
Contact Carri: couellette@ccsnn.org

(775)322-7073 ext. 234

Finance Manager:
Dave Carrothers

Contact Dave: dcarrothers@ccsnn.org

(775)322-7073 ext. 225

Director of Marketing & PR
Matt Vaughan

Contact Matt: mvaughan@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 235

Chief Development Officer
Marie Baxter

Contact Marie: mbaxter@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 232

Development Officer
Emelie Melton Williams

Contact Emelie: ewilliams@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 242

Director of Program Development:
Catherine High

Contact Catherine: chigh@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 252

Maintenance Manager:
Jerry Summers
Contact Jerry: jsummers@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 226

Administrative Assistant:
Jessica Owen

Contact Jessica: jowen@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 228


Kids to Seniors Korner Director:
Sandra Carrillo

Contact Sandra: scarrillo@ccsnn.org

Adoption Director:
Linda Kennedy

Contact Linda: lkennedy@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 231

St. Vincent's Dining Room Director:
Ray Trevino

Contact Ray: (775) 322-7073 ext. 443

St. Vincent's Resource Network Director:
Hettie Ploeger

Contact Hettie: hploeger@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 350

St. Vincent's Food Pantry Director:
Yvette Myers

Contact Scott: ymyers@ccsnn.org

(775)322-7073 ext. 450

Holy Child Early Learning Center Director:
Marie Short

Contact Marie: mshort@ccsnn.org

Immigration Assistance Director:
Vanessa Adrian

Contact Vanessa: vadrian@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 750

Affordable Housing Manager:
Tom Smith

Contact Tom: tsmith@ccsnn.org

St. Vincent's Thrift Stores Director:
John Fisher

contact John: jfisher@ccsnn.org
(775)322-7073 ext. 650