title images the board members at events

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Where there is vision, the people can thrive.

Our board is a group of people with diverse personal and professional backgrounds. They are dedicated to the mission of Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada and work together to provide vision, leadership, volunteerism, and strategic planning to our agency.


Chairman of the Board
The Most Reverend Randolph Calvo                                            
Robert E. Armstrong  | McDonald, Carano, Wilson LLP            
Vice President
Bart Mowry | Maupin, Cox, and LeGoy Law                                                                                                 Secretary
Ross Barker | E-Quantum, Inc.                                                         
Reese Perkins| Johnson Perkins & Associates                                                  
Immediate Past President
Brigid Sullivan-Pierce                                                                        

Board Members

Mary Anne Decaria | Silverman, Decaria, and Kattelman                                                                              Tammy Dermody | Walton's Funeral Home                                      
Tom Dolan | Reno Toyota                                                                     
Michael Herrera, DDS                                                                            
Anne Puliz Lavoy | Dickson Realty                                                       
Donald “Skip” Luckadoo | Luckadoo Insurance                                                                                                   Dan Magee | Dan Magee Real Estate Appraisal                                                                  
Reese Perkins | Johnson Perkins & Associates                              
Pat Pettinari | A-Carlisle                                                                          
Nick Rossi | Lucini Parish Insurance Services                                  
Cathy Trachok | Philanthropist                                                                                                                          Deacon David Norman  | Diocese of Reno                                                                                                          Fred Weber| Diocese of Reno                                                                
Fr. George Wolf  | Diocese of Reno                                                       

If you are interested in becoming a board member for Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada, please contact Peter Vogel at (775) 322-7073.