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Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada’s Adoption Services

Are You Pregnant or Seeking to Adopt?

Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada has been providing a professional and caring adoption program in Northern Nevada since 1941. Our highly-qualified, master’s degree-level staff have decades of experience providing expert adoptive services. Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada’s Adoption Services program is one of only two licensed adoptive agencies actually located in Northern Nevada. We are large enough to provide you with experience and expertise you desire, but small enough to treat you with the attention, support, and guidance you deserve. In 2014, we finalized 10 local adoptions. Since the start of this program, we've completed more than 2,000 local adoptions.

By serving women and families confronting the difficult realities of an untimely pregnancy, our goal is to provide hope and support by encouraging life-affirming decisions. Services are directed toward helping individuals and families assess their strengths, resources, and current situation in order to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families.

Services to Birth Parents

  • Supportive counseling before and after the birth of your child.
  • An adoption plan designed with an openness that meets your needs.
  • Choices of selection regarding potential adoptive families.
  • Assistance in developing a healthy relationship with the adoptive family.
  • NO PRESSURE – After the baby is born, we will support you in whatever plan you decide is best.
Services to Adoptive Parents

  • Assisting you with the unique issues surrounding adoptive parenting.
  • Help in developing a healthy relationship with the birthparents.
  • Education regarding your child’s feelings about adoption.
  • We provide the expertise to assist with any potential challenges or misunderstanding that may arise.

For more information about Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada’s Adoption Services, please call Linda Kennedy at (775) 322-7073 ext. 231 or (cell) (775)762-2233.